17.02.2017 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Assessment experiences in digital technologies in education

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This publication gathers articles relating to the experiences previously addressed and seeks a summary – knowing that any summary is limited – about aspects involving attention during the assessment of projects that target educational transformations through digital technologies. The divide in these analyses rests on the relation between digital initiatives and schools, escaping from the complex dimension of public issues and demanding dynamics for innovations in an education network. This includes topics herein discussed and other questions not mentioned during the panel’s debates. The following summary is organized in three categories related to assessment of use of digital technologies in public schools: (a) on the school’s conditions to adopt technology, (b) the outcome of digital efforts in schools, which guides assessments approaches, and (c) approaches and methods defining assessment steps and operations.

São Paulo, SP : Fundação Telefônica Vivo, 2016.

Original title: Experiências avaliativas de tecnologias digitais na educação

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