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Brazilian Archeological Sites / Sítios arqueológicos brasileiros

© UNESCO/Editora Brasileira

The bilingual publication shows several archaeological sites in Brazil in a simple manner and through beautiful illustrations. It presents to the reader historical and scientific information about the Earth, about Brazil and its prehistoric culture. It also provides information on how to visit these natural landscapes and archaeological parks. The book highlights the archaeological sites of the Serra da Capivara National Park, which is recognized by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage sites in Brazil. The Park is located in the Southeast regions of the state of Piauí, and is one of the study centres in which they found traces of civilization dating back 40,000 years.

Authors: Cristiane de Andrade Buco and Niéde Guidon

Photografer: Marcos Piffer

Santos: Editora Brasileira; Brasilia: UNESCO, 2015. 191 p. 


  • hardbound illustrated bilingual book

ISBN: 978-85-63186-22-5

Price: US$ 20,00 -  € 26,00 - To order - contact: publishing.promotion(at)unesco.org

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