05.02.2013 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Brazilian government allocates BRL 1 billion towards historical cities

The Programme for Growth Acceleration of Historical Cities (PAC Cidades Históricas) will guarantee the restoration of listed monuments and sites in 20 states of Brazil.

The Ministers of Planning, Budget and Management, Miriam Belchior and Culture, Marta Suplicy, have announced on 30 January to 44 mayors from 20 Brazilian states that investments in the amount of BRL 1 billion were made for the Programme for Growth Acceleration of Historical Cities – PAC 2. The Programme is for the restoration of monuments and public spaces of listed protected sites in Brazil.

The Ministers also announced the access to BRL 300 million for estate owners in 94 cities with IPHAN-listed architectural sets. “This financing conditions are excellent (TJLP adjustment plus 1% yearly increment and a 25-year amortization deadline by Caixa Econômica Federal – CEF). It will not only make the renovation of an important asset viable, but it will also allow a wider recuperation of certain regions”, as further explained the Minister Marta Suplicy.

Those actions aim at advancing the process of making cultural heritage an inductor of income generation, social aggregation and identity affirmation in historical cities. The investments also contribute to the urban development of the areas.

Schedule – Up until 19 February the selected cities must define their list of priority works with the support of IPHAN offices in each state of Brazil. During the month of March, the list will be submitted for approval of PAC management bodies’, who will define projected investments for each city.

The priority selection classified by city was jumpstarted by a wide-ranging survey conducted by IPHAN in historical cities from 2009 to 2011. The selection had the objective of identifying the foremost demands for requalification of monuments and public spaces, as well as of promoting and appreciating knowledge and manifestations concerning cultural heritage.

Partnership – While addressing the mayors, both Ministers reinforced the importance of a dedicated and constant partnership with the government, aimed at fulfilling the Programme’s goals. The Programme does not presuppose financial gain, but instead it demands a great volume of work from specialized teams.

“You are the protagonists of a very important moment for Brazil. Cultural heritage is the materialization of the history and cultural identity of a nation. The loss of a cultural heritage piece is always irreplaceable. Its destruction means forgetting ourselves”, said Minister Marta Suplicy to the mayors.

The Minister asserted that President Dilma Rousseff is sensible in realizing such importance and therefore fighting to employ as many resources as possible in the recuperation of monuments.

“Architecture is the physical, but also psychological refuge – our point of reference in the world”, continued the Minister. Marta reinforced that cultural heritage must be understood as a set of assets and values that represent a nation and the heirloom of a society.

Credit – Jurema Machado, President of IPHAN, who accompanied Minister Marta Suplicy to the meeting with the mayors, explained that it would not have been sufficient to just act in favor of monuments in order to rehabilitate cultural heritage areas and improve life conditions for inhabitants in the region. That is the reason behind the concession of the BRL 300 million line of credit for property owners in cities with IPHAN-listed architectural ensembles.

(Source: Ascom/MinC – Text: Montserrat Bevilaqua)

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