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Cadernos de referência de esporte (12 volumes)

© Fundação Vale

The twelve-volume collection in Portuguese entitled "Cadernos de Referência de Esporte" (Reference Textbooks on Sport) is part of the Vale Foundation Sports Programme entitled Brasil Vale Ouro, which promotes sport as a factor of social inclusion of children and adolescents, motivating civil formation, human development and the dissemination of a culture of Peace in communities.

This collection has counted with the participation and involvement of more than 50 specialists in the area of sport such authors, technical reviewers and organizers. Its objective is to guarantee the quality of sports activities offered by Vale Foundation occurred on continuous training of educators involved in the Programme. This way, educators can feel secure on providing significant experiences of integrated development of children and adolescents. Besides, this teaching material consists of guiding these professionals on thematic approaches considered essential to the sports practice. Thus, this collection collaborates with building conceptual, operational and methodological patterns to guideline pedagogical practices of educators of the Programme wherever they may work.

The collection is followed by the publication in Portuguese Proposta pedagógica de esporte (Pedagogical proposal for sport), which aims at presenting guidelines, pedagogical orientations and the organization of Brasil Vale Ouro Programme.

Volume titles - (PDFs in Portuguese - click on the titles for free download):

1. Fisiologia humana. 54 p.
2. Fisiologia do exercício. 74 p.
3. Crescimento, desenvolvimento e maturação. 42 p.
4. Treinamento esportivo. 58 p.
5. Aprendizagem motora. 40 p.
6. Psicologia do esporte. 36 p.
7. O esporte como possibilidade de desenvolvimento. 30 p.
8. Nutrição no esporte. 44 p.
9. Biomecânica do movimento humano. 36 p.
10. Valores no esporte. 42 p.
11. Avaliação física. 70 p.
12. Pedagogia da cooperação. 66 p.
* Proposta pedagógica de esporte. 45 p.

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