25.09.2018 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Comparative Analysis of the National Curriculum Frameworks of Five Countries: Brazil, Cambodia, Finland, Kenya and Peru in Portuguese

This report proposes an in-depth comparative analysis of the curriculum frameworks of five countries, namely, Brazil, Cambodia, Finland, Kenya and Peru. This exercise was carried out to understand the extent to which countries present and discuss the scope of their education systems, new pedagogical approaches as well as teaching and learning methodologies and assessment techniques, among others. The results of this document has allowed to have a clearer picture of the implications that a curriculum framework has for countries that are or have recently undergone an education reform as well as to understand what are the current education trends in terms of curriculum reform that are happening worldwide.

Geneva: UNESCO-IBE; Brasília: UNESCO, 2018.

Title in Portuguese: Análise comparativa dos quadros curriculares nacionais de cinco países: Brasil, Camboja, Finlândia, Quênia e Peru

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