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Comunicação e cidades Patrimônio Mundial no Brasil (for sale)

Communication strategies to promote the nine Brazilian historic cities inscribed in the World Heritage List.

Authors: Machado, Jurema;'Braga, Sylvia

Brasilia: UNESCO, Iphan Monumenta, 2010. 132 p., illus.

ISBN: 978-85-7652-119-8

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Abstract: Nine of the World Heritage sites in Brazil are historic centres or are located in urban areas. This publication elects such sites to analyze and propose strategies for the promotion of these cities, focusing on their particular condition of holding an international recognition. The scope of the publication is also to point out some principles for its sustainable conservation and to discuss the relationship between tourism, urban conditions and the local community. The interest of this publication transcends the nine mentioned cities, since the themes relate to any city, where its cultural heritage has or may have a leading role. Primarily directed to public managers and local communities, the publication uses a concise and straightforward language to focus on the most frequent problems, with the intention to alert for the potential so little explored in Brazil and, at the same time, to encourage the deepening of this subject through specialized training.

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