30.07.2018 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Criança Esperança 2018 already receives donations through phone calls

The campaign was officially launched on Saturday (28 July, 2018) in the Caldeirão do Huck TV Show and, on Sunday (29 July, 2018),the first edition of the Diálogos da Esperança (Dialogues of Hope, in free translation) was broadcasted on GloboNews, led by Pedro Bial.

A campaign of millions of ones, helping millions of others. Criança Esperança reaches its 33rd edition with a network of 30 mobilizers, among artists, journalists sportsmen and sportswomen, who come together to engage society around the guarantee of the rights of children and youth. Since the creation of the campaign, in 1986, more than 4 million children and adolescents have benefited from the supported projects.

This Saturday, 07/28, Luciano Huck welcomed two of the mobilizers – Camila Pitanga and Flavio Canto – on the stage of Caldeirão do Huck, to officially open phone donations for the 2018 edition. A representative of EDISCA – Escola de Desenvolvimento e Integração Social para Criança e Adolescente (School of development and social integration for children and adolescents, in free translation) – one of the institutions selected by UNESCO to receive the resources from the campaign – was also present. Camila went to the school headquarters, in the city of Fortaleza, to learn about the work carried out there.

From the beginning of June, the 30 mobilizers have been visiting projects in every region of the country. The public will be able to watch several of these visits over the next few weeks in the broadcasting schedule of Globo TV, as well as in the news and entertainment coverage. In the upcoming days, on the website of Criança Esperança, it will also be possible to get to know the institutions that will receive the funds raised.

In Brazil, donations in the Brazilian currency (R$) can be made by telephone on 0500 2018 007 (R$7.00), 0500 2018 020 (R$ 20.00) and 0500 2018 040 (R$ 40.00). Interested parties may also donate via the website of Criança Esperança, year round. Donations from the website can be made starting at R$ 1.00.

Diálogos da Esperança (Dialogues of Hope, in free translation)

GloboNews will broadcast the Dialogues of Hope on 29 July and 05 August, 2018, at 4:00 pm. For the fourth consecutive year, the program brings together specialists under the mediation of Pedro Bial, to discuss fundamental issues to improve the conditions of childhood and youth in Brazil. This year, part of the mobilizers will participate in the program with the audience contributing, with their own experience, for the enrichment of the debate. They will also take topics suggested by their own followers on social networks to be discussed during the program.

Broadcasted on the 29 July, the first program shed light on the themes of education and racism. The activist and creator of the forum ‘Sim à Igualdade Racial’ (‘Yes to Racial Equality’, in free translation), Luana Génot, and the former-Secretary of Primary Education of the Ministry of Education, Pilar Lacerda, help to understand issues such as school exclusion.

On 08 May, it will be broadcasted the second part, with the presence of Viviana Santiago, professor and technical manager of gender at Plan International Brazil, and Rodrigo Mendes, founder of the Institute that carries his name. They will talk about inclusion and gender.

About Criança Esperança

For 33 years, Criança Esperança creates development opportunities for children, adolescents and youth. Thus far, over R$ 350 million, raised in donations, were invested in Brazil and in more than 5 thousand social projects, benefiting over 4 million children and adolescents across the country. It is possible to donate all year round, via the website of Criança Esperança. Donations are deposited directly into UNESCO’s account, which is responsible for the selection of projects held annually, by means of a public notice. After the selection, UNESCO monitors and carries out the technical and financial follow-up of the supported projects. Criança Esperança is a campaign of millions of Brazilians, a partnership of Globo with UNESCO. (Source: Criança Esperança website)

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