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Currículo do ensino médio: textos de apoio


The Upper Secondary Education is an educational level that has meant significant changes and definitions in the lives of the young population in Brazil, who has its own features and challenges to overcome. By acknowledging the importance of this educational level and its needs for quality improvements, UNESCO in Brazil has accomplished a series of activities to contribute to the improvement of the quality of the Upper Secondary Education in the country.

One of the axes of these activities is focused in the curriculum development of the Brazilian Upper Secondary Education. Two highlights are the “Protótipos curriculares de ensino médio e ensino médio integrado: resumo executivo”, published in 2011, and "Currículo integrado para o ensino médio: das normas à prática transformadora", published in 2013. Both propose a curriculum based on the basic preparation for work and other social practices.

Now, this publication presents a selection of texts for educational managers and teachers that work directly with upper secondary education. The objective is to provide support for the implementation of a holistic approach for students and the whole school environment – through collective and collaborative activities in and by the school community – to develop more sensitive citizens that respect the others and the environment. This proposal is directly linked to the objectives of the National Educational Plan (PNE) and the Global Education 2030 Agenda.  

Editors: Marilza Machado Gomes Regattieri and Jane Margareth Castro

Brasília: UNESCO, 2018. 143 p.

ISBN: 978-85-7652-224-9

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