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Currículo integrado para o ensino médio: das normas à prática transformadora (PDF only)


The reference framework for the construction and introduction of Upper Secondary Education curriculum proposals that integrates General Education with Technical and Vocational Education was created by UNESCO, with support of the Ministry of Education, aiming to follow the determination of the National Law of Educational Directives and Bases (Law No. 9.394/96), which guarantees and consolidates learning needs to develop knowledge, attitudes, as well as social and labor practices on this level of Basic Education.

The document is an important step towards the discussion and formulation of governmental policies to face the challenges of promoting an inclusive and qualifying Upper Secondary Education. The objective is to achieve full human education to youth in Brazil, thus, preparing students for citizenship, promoting progress towards human values in personal and community relationships.

The construction of the framework is a result of nearly a decade of studies and discussions in the area of Upper Secondary Education promoted by UNESCO together with social actors such as governments, educational managers and teachers.

Editors: Regattieri, Marilza; Castro, Jane Margareth

Brasilia: UNESCO, 2011. 25 p.

ISSN: 2236-2843

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