20.12.2012 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Desafios e perspectivas da educação superior brasileira para a próxima década (PDF only)


This book is the result of thoughts discussed in the workshop on challenges and perspectives of Brazilian Higher Education for the next decade, which had the objective to present preliminary indicators to build prospective of the Brazilian Higher Education for the next decade based on the National Education Plan 2011-2020. The workshop was organized by Câmara de Educação Superior [Higher Education Chamber – CNE] together with UNESCO in December 2010. The results point out to a complexity of challenges, but indicate new perspectives for action showing a multi-formed scenario with diverse trends that are sometimes divergent and contradictory on the debate for raising possibilities to promote transformations in Higher Education and Research systems in order to stimulate and develop new forms of learning and producing, as well as managing and broadening knowledge. In this context, contributions and the role of Higher Education Institutions have put into pressure in relation to transference, production and dissemination of knowledge combined with social commitment and responsibility as well as with the attention to the global challenges and to the building of more just and equal societies.

Brasília: UNESCO, CNE, MEC, 2012. 164 p.

Click here for free downloading. (PDF, 891 Kb, in Portuguese)

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