12.06.2017 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Edulivre Digital Platform offers an innovative learning experience to young people who dream of a job

The Free Education Project (Educação Livre - Edulivre) launches its digital platform, this Monday (12 June, 2017). Its goal is to offer to young people, between ages 16 to 29, contents about necessary abilities for their personal development and their preparation for the job market.

"The mobilization to transform education and to make the classroom closer to the real context of the lives of youth and the job Market is not something new. What we do differently is its approach. The EduLivre online platform speaks the same language style as the young people, because they have directly participated and collaborated in its creation,” states Márcio Guerra, the leader of the project.

During the action in 12 June, which takes place in Brasilia, the EduLivre team presents the platform to youth. They provide instructions on how to take advantage of the whole potential of the platform, as well as how to collaborate with the transformation of education. 

Edulivre platform offers digital contents, which the youth can study alone.  The focus are their personal, social and emotional abilities, as well as their basic competencies in Portuguese language and Mathematics. The content offers a direct connection to real life and the world of work. 

The EduLivre contents are developmed and selected based on the micro learning approach in a language style directed to youth, which is direct and fun. The actors Leônidas Fontes and Saulo Pinheiro, from the SeteBelos Comedy Acting Company have signed some of the videos included in the platform.

The project Educação Livre - Aprendizagem Digital para Inclusão no Mundo do Trabalho (Free Education – Digital Learning for Inclusion in the World of Work) has the objective to provide autonomy to youth during their learning journey. It also considers the engagement and the use of the platform as a strategic issue. Therefore, it uses a face-to-face engaging methodology developed and experienced with youth. More than five thousand young individuals used and helped building the EduLivre platform.

EduLivre is also building a network of volunteers and partner enterprises, such as Instituto Alpargatas, Instituto Votorantim, ONG Ponto Cidadão (PE), and ONG Dom Bosco (PE). There is also the governmental partnership of the Secretariat of Labour, in Carpina (PE) and the Secretariat of the Child and the Adolescent, in Brasília (DF).

The Educação Livre project is na initiativ of the Departamento Nacional do Serviço Social da Indústria (SESI) and the Interamerican Development Banl (IDB) in partnership with UNESCO in Brazil.

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  • www.edulivre.org.br
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/somosedulivre
  • Twitter: www.twitter.com/somosedulivre

Did you know?

According to data from the last PNAD (2015) study in Brazil, there are 44.7 million young people, between ages 16 and 29. From them, 24.6 million are of low-income families, 13 million of youth have no employment and 2.9 have not completed the secondary education.

According to data from the School Census (2015) in Brazil, 8% of the students that were enrolled in Secondary Education have abandoned their studies before completing the first school year.

EduLivre wishes to transform the life of these young people and offer them the opportunities to make their wishes in life come true.

Information to the press:


Laura Gris, laura(at)edulivre.org.br, (61) 9 8374-9435 ou (61) 9 9219-8032

Ricardo Matos, ola(at)edulivre.org.br, (61) 3317-1100

UNESCO no Brasil

Ana Lúcia Guimarães, a.guimaraes(at)unesco.org, (61) 2106-3536 ou (61) 99966-3287

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