17.12.2008 -

Direitos humanos (for sale)

© UNESCO/Contexto

Author: Mondaini, Marco

Brasília: UNESCO; São Paulo, Editora Contexto, 2008. 189 p.

ISBN: 85-7244-342-8

PRICE: US$ 16.00 - € 13,50 (price includes registered postage) - How to order

Also available by Editora Contexto

Abstract: This book is published during the growing interest for fundamental rights and their constant violations caused by lack of information or by disagreement on their efficacy. This work provides to the reader fifty texts and documents on human rights since its origin until recently. It includes printed material of various kinds, such as the “Bill of Rights” of the English Revolution; the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen of the French Revolution; the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; anthems, speeches, and texts of great thinkers and idealists like John Locke, Martin Luther King, Hannah Arendt, and Enrico Belinguer.

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