15.08.2013 -

Upper secondary education and vocational education: challenger of integration (PDF only)


This publication is an initiative of the UNESCO Brasilia Office intending to contribute to the implementation and monitoring of a new proposal of building secondary education integrated to technical and vocational education, occasioned by reformulations in Brazilian educational legislation dated from 2004. The first part of this publication comprehends a study prepared by UNESCO in Brazil emphasizing real cases of integration of technical and vocational education into secondary education. This work intends to offer technical assistance and contribution to the elaboration of knowledge that allow effective advances in reaching the Educational for All goals. Especially on the EFA goal that deals with the learning needs of all young people and adults through equitable access and through appropriate programmes for learning and capacity building throughout life in today’s contemporary.

Editors: Regattieri, Marilza; Castro, Jane Margareth

Brasilia: UNESCO, 2013. 253 p.

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