20.04.2012 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Exclusão intraescolar nas escolas públicas brasileiras: um estudo com dados da prova Brasil 2005, 2007 e 2009


It is natural to have students with various academic motivations and family structures have different levels of proficiency, and that some students have difficulty in school. However, is not natural that a significant proportion of students go to school for five to nine years without acquiring skills and capacities in disciplines, which are critical for their personal development and empowerment. This work seeks to increase understanding of this phenomenon, identifying who are these children and young people, who have access to school, but are excluded from the right to learn. This work also includes information about the family atmosphere and academic trajectory of these students, the Brazilian States where most of them live, the conditions of their teachers, and the situation of their schools.

(Série debates ED: educação; 4)

Authors: Soares, José Francisco; Fonseca, Izabel Costa da; Álvares, Raquel Pereira;Guimarães, Raquel Rangel de Meireles

Brasilia: UNESCO, 2012. 58 p.

ISSN: 2236-2843

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