03.07.2015 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Fazer bem feito: valores em educação profissional e tecnológica


The study is based on the concern related to the increase of access to education, which is still a great challenge, and on the improvement of quality and relevance of education with due emphasis on the importance of values, attitudes and skills that are able to promote mutual respect and development of human beings in its totality. Particularly dedicated to the vocational education context, the study is taken place in Brazil. It identifies the conflict that this area faces with the gap between practice and values. It also points out the need to give priority to ethics, axiology and aesthetics in this educational field.

The postulate of the study reaffirms that development has the objective of full realization of human beings in all the wealth and complexity of their expressions and commitments as an individual, as a family member, as collective member, as a citizen and as a protector. Thus, when an educational community is invited to takes steps towards the promotion of peace, well-being, prosperity and sustainability, it is expected that his publication can provide the necessary conceptual clarity to review the work as a human activity that besides being a way to produce goods, it is also a way to produce the existence of humanity. The outlined scenario suggests the need to address the work values for vocational and technological education initiatives moving in the direction of learning to be. To do this it is necessary to examine the dynamics of values at work and how they can be addressed in vocational and technological education.

Author: Barato, Jarbas Novelino

Brasilia: UNESCO, 2015. 192 p. ISBN: 978-85-7652-201-0

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