09.12.2011 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

GHA Collection in Portuguese celebrates one year with 390 thousand downloads

On 9 December, the launch of the Portuguese edition of the UNESCO Collection of General History of Africa completes a year. Since then, 391 thousand free downloads of the collection were made.

In eight volumes, it spans the history of the continent told from the African point of view, without the Eurocentrism that dominates the region’s historiography. The collection was originally published in English and in French, beginning in the 1980s.

“The Portuguese edition of the collection is the consolidation of a dream and an old desire, carried out by the collective effort of many who believed in the possibility of having the eight volumes freely available to the Brazilian population,” states Lucien Muñoz, UNESCO’s Representative in Brazil. This effort was made possible thanks to the partnership between UNESCO and the Ministry of Education, which also relied on the expertise from the Federal University of São Carlos.

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