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Global Action Week 2015 in Brazil, 21 to 27 June

Global Action Week 2015 will discuss goals for Education in Brazil and in the world after a year of the implementation of the National Education Plan (PNE).

Resource materials for the campaign in Brazil can be downloaded at http://semanadeacaomundial.org/2015/baixe-os-materiais/.

Between 21 and 27 June Global Action Week (GAW 2015) will be happening around Brazil.  This year, the theme of this campaign in Brazil will be the First Year of Implementing the National Education Plan (PNE), the Comparison between the Education for All Programme (EFA) and the Proposition for the Post-2015 Agenda. Printed materials from GAW 2015 will be distributed free of charge throughout Brazil. They will also be available in Portuguese on the website semanadeacaomundial.org. GAW in Brazil is an initiative of the National Campaign for the Right to Education.

There is a national public hearing scheduled for 25 June in Brasilia to discuss the theme. There will also be a number of self-organized activities to be held across the country. Useful information on GAW 2015 can be found on the website, besides news, activities, tips and advice on how to mobilize schools, networks or communities around GAW activities. Watch and share the video release of GAW 2015: https://goo.gl/E2172F.

About GAW

GAW is an initiative of GCE (the Global Campaign for Education), held simultaneously in more than 100 countries since 2003, with the objective of involving civil society in political advocacy activities that put pressure on governments to comply with international agreements in the field such as Education for All. In Brazil, GAW will be coordinated by the National Campaign for the Right to Education in partnership with other movements, organizations and networks.In 2015, GAW was held internationally from 26 April to 2 May with the theme Vote for Education. More Information at http://www.campaignforeducation.org/en/global-action-week.

In Brazil, GAW 2015 will take place from 21 to 27 June – bearing in mind the Act 13,005/2014. This legislation adopted on 25 June 2014 concerns the next 10 years of the PNE. This way, the theme will be contextualized by discussion on the first year of the implementation of the PNE. The objective is to put international pressure on leaders and politicians to comply with treaties as well as national and international laws to ensure public, free, secular, inclusive and quality education for all.

Among the discussion topics will be:

  • Student Cost-Initial Quality (CAQi) and Student Cost-Quality (CAQ)
  • Development of State and Municipal Education Plans
  • The Educational Accountability Act
  • The National Education System
  • Democratic Management of Education
  • Career Plan for Education Professionals
  • National Training Policy for Education Professionals

Among the organizations involved in Global Action Week 2015, we highlight the members of the Technical Committee of the Global Action Week 2015 in Brazil:

  • Ação Educativa (Educational Action)
  • ActionAid
  • CCLF (Luiz Freire Cultural Centre)
  • CEDECA-CE (Centre for the Defence of Children and Adolescents - Ceará)
  • CNTE (National Confederation of Education Workers)
  • Consed (National Council of Education Secretariats)
  • De Olho nos Planos (An Eye on the Plans)
  • Escola de Gente - Comunicação em Inclusão (Our School – Communication and Inclusion)
  • Fineduca (National Association of Education Research and Financing)
  • FNCEE (National Forum of State Education Councils)
  • Fundação Abrinq – Save the Children
  • Mais Diferenças (More Differences)
  • Mieib (Childhood Education Forums Movement of Brazil)
  • MST (Landless Workers Movement)
  • Uncme (National Union of Municipal Education Councils)
  • Undime (National Union of Municipal Directors of Education)

For more information on GAW in Brazil, contact: semanadeacaomundial.org or e-mail sam@campanhaeducacao.org.br 

About the National Campaign for the Right to Education

The National Campaign for the Right to Education is a network comprised of more than 200 movements and civil society organizations. The network works for all children, adolescents, young adults and elderly Brazilians to have their rights to a public, free, secular, inclusive, and quality education guaranteed throughout Brazil. It has contributed to every achievement in Brazilian Education since its founding. The campaign’s social foundation is secured in its 24 regional committees across Brazil.

Contacts to talk about Global Action Week 2015 in Brazil

  • National Campaign for the Right to Education - Daniel Cara, Coordinator-General
  • Representatives of the participating organizations of the Technical Committee mentioned above. 

Contacts for the press:

Andressa Pellanda

Communication and Mobilization AdvisorNational Campaign for the Right to Education: (11) 3159-1243 or (11)98283-0001) andressa@campanhaeducacao.org.br

Link to the video on GAW 2015 made by partner Toni Reis of ABGLT (in Portuguese):

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnWNbKVO148&feature=youtu.be



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