22.02.2010 -

2010 Meeting of Americas: call for abstracts


The Meeting of the Americas will be held in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, 8-13 August 2010. The Programme Committee will develop a union-wide science programme that will cover topics in all areas of geophysical sciences.


There will be 25 thematic sessions. One of the sessions will be devoted to Regional Ocean Observing Systems in the Americas.

Researchers are kindly invited to submit abstracts to the session on Regional Ocean Observing Systems in the Americas  by 15 March 2010  at: http://agu-ja10.abstractcentral.com/

GOOS Project intends to provide funds to 10 researchers from South America and the Carribean with decision on the basis of quality of abstracts submitted and accepted to the session. Contact at GOOS: Keith Alverson, Director of the GOOS Project Office.

Description of the session: Regional Ocean Observing Systems in the Americas

Regional Ocean Observing Systems are in operation throughout the Americas. Data are used directly and assimilated into numerical models to reduce risks from a broad range of threats associated with the oceans including waterborne toxins, storm surges, coastal flooding, unsafe marine transportation and changes in marine ecosystems. These systems have been developed to serve regional needs, but there is much to be learned from sharing success stories.

Submissions are invited on physical, biogeochemical and biological aspects of regional ocean observing systems, focusing on scientific results achieved and societal benefits being delivered.

Additional information on the event at GOOS Project website.

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