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História e cultura afro-brasileira (for sale)

© UNESCO/Contexto

A pedagogical guide for teachers and students on African-Brazilian history and culture.

Author: Mattos, Regiane Augusto de

Brasília: UNESCO, Editora Contexto, 2007. 217 p.

ISBN: 978-85-7244371-5

PRICE: US$ 14.40 - € 11,00 (price includes registered postage)

The Brazilian law of number 10.639 has made mandatory the teaching of African-Brazilian history and culture in schools. This has considered an important step conquered by the movements in favor of Blacks in the country. This book is a clarifying and broad guide that has been thought and elaborated in a pedagogical way for teachers and students. It is easy to read and to understand. This work shows that in spite of all the obstacles imposed by slavery in Brazil, the Africans and their descendents have found ways to organize themselves and to manifest their cultures. This way, they have profoundly influenced the Brazilian society in all aspects.

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