08.12.2017 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Índice de vulnerabilidade juvenil à violência 2017: desigualdade racial, municípios com mais de 100 mil habitantes

The index of youth vulnerability to violence 2017 (Índice de Vulnerabilidade Juvenil à Violência 2017 – IVJ 2017) is an indicator developed by the Youth National Secretariat in partnership with the Brazilian Public Security Forum. It collects data related to the dimensions considered as key for determining the vulnerability of youth to violence, such as school attendance, schooling, integration to the labour market, mortality rate by homicides or by traffic accidents. It serves as guide to public policies for youth, which is the population portion that is most affected by violence in Brazil. Innovative – besides the variables that compose IVJ 2014, base year 2012 –, the new index covers the Brazilian population from 15 to 29 years old. This age range was established in Brazil as the young population after the approval of the Youth Statute (Law 12852) in 2013.

São Paulo: SNJ, 2017. 92 p. ilus.

ISBN: 978-85-67450-06-3

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To order printed copies, please, contact: juventude@presidencia.gov.br


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