01.05.2012 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Indigenous from Vale do Javari (Amazon) receive booklets on prevention of STDs and viral hepatitis

On 3 May, a material on preventive education on HIV / AIDS, hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases will be released for the use by indigenous peoples from Vale do Javari (Javari Valley).

The production of the material was made by UNESCO in Brazil, through an integrated plan of UNAIDS for the Amazon – Amazonaids. The launch will be held in Atalaia do Norte, Amazon, with the participation of public officials and NGO representatives, the Amazonaids, near city halls and partners, Alfredo da Matta Foundation, and indigenous leaders.
The material consists of a film and three booklets on health and prevention for the ethnic groups Marubo, Mayoruna and Matis as a result of two workshops for preventing venereal diseases/ HIV / AIDS and viral hepatitis, which in 2011 gathered teachers, indigenous agents of health, shamans, healers, midwives and leaders of different indigenous peoples of the region. The booklets were produced in Portuguese and in the indigenous languages Marubo, Mayoruna and Matis, all belonging to the same linguistic root, called Pano, recognized by the Map of Indigenous Languages of UNESCO. The goal is to enable indigenous peoples to access information about ways to prevent diseases and guidance for seeking diagnosis and treatment.
UNESCO and UNAIDS in Brazil are cooperating in the implementation of policies to ensure differentiated rights of indigenous peoples through education. The methodology used for the construction of the bilingual material is intercultural dialogue, which seeks to promote an exchange of knowledge between cultures, respecting and recognizing practices, indigenous knowledge and habits.  The institutions contribute to the reduction of stigma and prejudices faced by these people and collaborate to cultural maintenance of indigenous ethnic groups that occupy Vale do Javari.

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