17.06.2010 -

Laicidade e ensino religioso no Brasil (for sale)

Secularism and religious education in Brazil

Authors: Diniz, Debora; Lionço, Tatiana; Carrião, Vanessa

Brasilia: UNESCO, Editora Letras Livres, Editora UnB, 2010. 107 p.

ISBNs: 978-85-7652-115-0; 978-85-98070-25-4; 978-85-230-1249-6

PRICE: UUS$ 12,85 – € 10,50 (price includes registered postage) - How to order (Published only in Portuguese)

Abstract: Brazil is a rich country in terms of cultural expressions and religious traditions. School is a space to present this fabulous horizon of beliefs, values, and social practices. An important human rights challenge is to represent the Brazilian diversity in educational actions and policies. This book faces one of the most disturbing facets of the confrontation between religions and the device of secularism – the provision of religious education in Brazilian public schools. In an original and systematic manner, the authors of this book consult laws and textbooks in order to respond to the question about the meaning of religious education in public schools in Brazil.

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