28.09.2012 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

L’Oréal, UNESCO and the Brazilian Academy of Science choose the For Women in Science Awards 2012 winners

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This year’s edition favored projects with a sustainable bent

L'Oréal, the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC) and UNESCO have chosen the seven young scientists that will receive grants from this year’s For Women in Science Awards. The laureates are entitled to a bursary of US$20,000 towards the continuity of their research projects. Fluminense and Pelotas Federal Universities stood out with two award-winning scientists each. The award ceremony will take place on 26 September in Rio de Janeiro.

“We are aware of the importance of women scientists and it is with great pleasure that we take part on this initiative. Since 2006, L’Oréal Brasil has granted over 1 million Reais for 40 young scientists in the country. This year, with Brazil as a host of the Rio+20 Conference, the award has favored projects that contribute with economic, environmental and social sustainability”, says Didier Tisserand, President of L’Oréal Brasil.

For UNESCO Brasilia Office Director Lucien Muñoz, the bursary grant is an exceptional contribution “towards encouraging and giving visibility to young scientists that work hard to leave their mark in the rapid progress of scientific advancement. Just as equality between genders is of the utmost relevance, gender balance among scientists is an essential condition for scientific development.”

Young scientists from all over Brazil entered their researches in one of four categories: Physical Sciences; Biomedical, Biological and Health Sciences; Mathematical Sciences and Chemical Sciences.

Scientists contemplated in the Physical, Chemical and Mathematical Sciences categories are:

  • Katiúsca Cassemiro, from the Federal University of the State of Pernambuco (UFPE), for her project “Quantum simulator of energy transport in photosynthetic complexes”.
  • Márcia Mesko, from the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPEL) in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, for her project “Evaluation of the bioremediating capacity of the Chlorella vulgaris for nanoparticles of titanium dioxide (nano-TiO2)”.
  • Paula Veloso, from the Fluminense Federal University (UFF) in the State of Rio de Janeiro, for her project “Lie identities on group rings with involution”.
  • Rosélia Spanevello, from the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPEL) in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, for her project “A study of the oxidative profile and enzyme evaluation on lymphocites and platelets of Down Syndrome individuals”.

Scientists contemplated on the areas of Biomedical, Biological and Health Sciences are:

  • Carolina Gomes, from the Federal University of the State of Minas Gerais (UFMG), for her project “The effects of cellular telephone radiation on parotid glands”.
  • Gislaine Réus, from the University of the Far South of the State of Santa Catarina (UNESC), for her project “Investigation on the impact of the anxious phenotype over response to stress”.
  • Karim Cunha, from the Fluminense Federal University (UFF) in the State of Rio de Janeiro, for her project “New generation sequencing: revolutionizing the mutational analysis of the Type 1 neurofibromatosis gene”.

About For Women in Science

Launched in 1998, For Women in Science Awards, the product of a partnership between L’Oréal and UNESCO, were pioneering on honoring women scientists all over the world. After 14 years, 72 notable scientists from 30 different countries were awarded, among them Brazilians Mayana Zatz, geneticist at USP; Belita Koiller, physicist at UFRJ; Lucia Previato, biomedical scientist at UFRJ, and Beatriz Barbuy, astrophysicist at USP. Beyond its recognition of great world scientists, the national, regional and international branches of the program have given incentives to over 1,000 young scientists from 107 different countries towards the continuity of their careers and their important research projects. Two international laureates were honored, in 2009, with Nobel Prizes of Chemistry and Medicine.

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