08.12.2012 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Minister Marta Suplicy meets UNESCO Director-General

Partnerships between Brasil and UNESCO are discussed during the meeting

On December 5, Wednesday morning, Brazilian Minister of Culture Marta Suplicy met UNESCO Director-General, Irina Bokova, in Paris.

During the conversation, both reinforced the existing intentions to form partnerships between Brasil and UNESCO: the Minister brought congratulations from President Dilma Rousseff to Irina Bokova, who is running for reelection with the support of Brazil. Mrs. Bokova reaffirmed her admiration for our President and hopes to continue to broaden the cooperation with Brazil.

The  UNESCO Director-General handed over to Marta Suplicy the designation to the city of Rio de Janeiro as Cultural Heritage, bestowed during the 37th World Heritage UNESCO Committee Meeting, which took place in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in July 2012.

They also discussed the Lucio Costa project partnership (regarding museum management, already being held by UNESCO) and the agreement upon which Brazil grants UNESCO a sum of US$ 220 thousand destined for museums. “It is an extra contribution to the museums, for the development of studies aimed at the creation of a legal framework on museums and collections. We have already had meetings on the subject in July and August, and Brazil is giving continuity to the process. There will be a future UNESCO recommendation on the theme of collections and museums. Until March the study will be ready”, explained José do Nascimento Junior, President of IBRAM (Brazilian Institute of Museums).

The meeting is part of the official visit the Minister is paying to the city, between 5 and 9 December, during a series of events which encompass the sharing of experiences and collaboration with France.

Frevo is now Intangible Heritage of Humanity

In sequence, Mrs. Suplicy accompanied the induction of Frevo to the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List, within the scope of the 7th Session of the Intergovernmental Committee Convention on Intangible Heritage. She gave a speech at the UNESCO headquarters, celebrating the award bestowed to Brazil.

Creative economy

Mrs. Bokova invited Mrs. Suplicy to act in tandem with UNESCO, stressing the creative economy approach of a new world, of new possibilities and equality among peoples. “I share this view”, said Mrs. Suplicy.

The UNESCO Director-General invited the Brazilian Minister of Culture to explain the CEU (Unified Education Center), its concept and actions of implementation during a meeting that will take place in China in May.

“If I cannot attend, our Secretary Cláudia Leitão will go”, explained Marta. “For Irina Bokova, culture is a great power. She said it took the United Nations a long time to understand how culture is capable of bringing peoples and economies together. I concurred and added that it is the most modern attitude conceivable in this new century we’re on”.

Marta’s schedule also included an audience with the Minister of Culture and Communication of France Aurélie Filippetti.

(Text and photo: Montserrat Bevilaqua, Ascom/MinC)

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