15.05.2013 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Natural resource revenue could reduce out-of-school numbers by 86% in 17 developing countries

A new paper from UNESCO’s Education for All Global Monitoring Report, shows that 17 developing countries* could finance access to primary school for 86% of their out-of-school children or 42% of their out of school adolescents, if they managed their revenues from natural resources better.

Released the week of the World Economic Forum on Africa (Cape Town, South Africa 8-10 May), the policy paper reveals that an extra US$5 billion in funding for education could be raised from these 17 countries per year if 30% of income from their minerals and 75% from their oil and gas was converted into public revenue and 20% of this sum invested in education. This is equivalent to two and a half times the amount that these countries received in aid to education in 2010. It would fill a fifth of the $26 billion financing gap needed to give all children a good quality basic education.

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