17.12.2013 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Nine Brazilian institutions gather historic documents to be inscribed in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register

“The Triple Alliance War: iconographic and cartographic representations” is the most recent Brazilian historic collection inscribed in UNESCO Memory of the World Regional Register. Nine Brazilian institutions – eight public and one private – have gathered iconographic representations related to the Paraguay War. The objective is to show the knowledge of the region involved in the conflict in geographical and ethnographical view and the consequences of the conflict, mainly for the Brazilian society.

The Paraguay War is a milestone from the military point of view as well as from the political, economic and social ones. It was a major conflict that involved four nations including the Brazilian Empire, which still lived in conditions of slavery at the time.  “The war ended up being responsible for accelerating two important events: the end of slavery and the end of the Brazilian Empire,” affirms  Vitor Manuel Marques da Fonseca, President of the Regional Committee of the Memory of the World Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The President of the Committee explains that besides the historical importance of the documents, “The War of Triple Alliance: iconographic and cartographic representations” represents an important inscription proposal for the Memory of the World Programme since it has linked the work of nine Brazilian institutions in one submission. “The institutions have identified interesting parcels of their collections and they had to come to a common agreement to present a coherent proposal,” he said. “The process of conquering the registration as a group highlights even more the feature of the Programme of calling the attention for bibliographic documents that composes a common documentary heritage for the country, the region and the world. And in this case, it is a common documentary heritage for the institutions.” 

With the inscription of the document, Brazil will once again be represented and contemplated in the evaluation of the Regional Memory of the World Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean. Besides having this collection of documents inscribed in the Regional Register, which includes drawings, prints and photos, the country has two other document collections inscribed in the International Register.  They are: “Documents regarding the Emperor D. Pedro II's journeys in Brazil and abroad” and “Architectural Archive of Oscar Niemeyer”, composed of 8.927 documents, with boards of sketches sets, boards of architectural albums and boards of technical drawings of the architect. For the President of the Regional Committee, it “increasingly demonstrates that the programme is gaining strength in Brazil and the recognition on the importance to preserve the Brazilian documentary heritage is also becoming stronger”.

The ceremony of delivering the certificates has not yet been scheduled, but it is known to be open to the public.

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