13.08.2014 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Notice of regret on the decease of Eduardo Campos

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Brazil expresses its deep regret for the tragic and untimely death of Eduardo Campos this morning (13 August, 2014), which left everyone dismayed.
One of the most important political figures of our time in Brazil, Eduardo Campos has always been a great partner of UNESCO in his career as a public man, especially when he was Minister of Science and Technology. Eduardo Campos always expressed to UNESCO his certainty that investments in Education, Science and Technology are priorities in terms of advancing the Brazilian State in a sustainable manner. The dedicated way that Eduardo Campos addressed educational, cultural and social issues in his performance will be recorded in our memories.

UNESCO strongly laments this significant loss to the Brazilian public life. The Organization expresses its condolences to his wife Renata, to his children, family, friends, and to the people of Pernambuco.

Lucien Munoz
UNESCO Director in Brazil

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