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Países emergentes e os novos caminhos da modernidade (for sale)


According to the authors, the beginning of the 21st Century is going through "[...] a transition phase focused on a new world order and on a new world system that will be clearly conducted by strong State capitalisms. Their joint action will aim to rule the commerce, the capital movement, and the services, as well as the world's workmanship movement. During this transition period the continental powers and the regional integrations will play a decisive role to organize this new world system. This organization will follow a political philosophy that will serve as teaching basis for the full development of a planetary, pluralist, democratic, and equal civilization […]. This civilization will be based on the human rights, on peace, and on the respect to the national sovereignty". The book is divided into three parts: "World system and development alternatives", "Culture and alternative modernization", and "Social movements and the new ways to modernization".

Authors: Santos, Theotonio dos; Martins, Carlos Eduardo; Bruckmann, Mónica

Brasilia: UNESCO, UNESCO Chair in Global Economyy and Sustainable Development, 2008. 263 p.

ISBN: 978-85-7652-068-9

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