26.03.2015 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Partnership between EBC and UNESCO launch the creation of a research centre ion public communication

A partnership between the Brazil Communication Company (Empresa Brasil de Comunicação – EBC) and UNESCO will result in the creation of research centre focusing on public communication.

The idea is for the new centre to contribute to the improvement of news programming and journalistic output of the Company. Maintained by the Brazilian government, EBC is comprised of eight radio broadcasters, two television broadcasters (TV Brasil and TV Brasil Internacional), a news agency (Agência Brasil), and a radio news service.

This partnership project will allow contracting of consultant, who will help to define the operating and business models of the future Centre for Applied Research, Development, and Innovation in Public Communication. The EBC staff should develop research projects. There are already employees that have registered to work in the research centre: 10 of them with PhDs, around 30 with Master’s degree, as well as 40 other specialists. They will develop research projects in three EBC markets: Brasilia, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro.

The project also includes the creation of a Professional Master’s degree for EBC staff, in cooperation with the University of Brasilia (UnB). The first classes may begin in 2016.

The General Ombudsman of EBC, Joseti Marques, is leading the project. She has said that the plan is for the new centre to build innovative models of media and journalistic production, influencing EBC’s own production as much as public communication in general. A Distance Education system, currently in the implementing phase, may promote the dissemination of practical and theoretical knowledge generated by the future centre and its labs.

“The Centre will have a fundamental interface with the Corporate Education Department at EBC, as it is through the courses promoted there that the knowledge emerging from the studies can be shared throughout the Company and its partners,” affirmed Joseti. She also states that Human Resources Department at EBC is already studying the way to compensate the researchers, as well as the improvement of the hourly rates that are currently paid to professionals who act as multipliers of their technical competencies.

The research centre creation project has been included amongst the priority strategic objectives of EBC for the next few years. The first meeting of the EBC researchers will be held in May.

“There is a gap in Brazil with respect to public communications. There are many academic studies, but little investment has been made in the field of practice”, said the Coordinator for Communication and  Information at UNESCO in Brazil, Adauto Soares, noting that UNESCO had previously been asked to help in capacity building of the press advising offices of the government.

Media contact:

Ana Lucia Guimaraes, Communications Coordinator at UNESCO in Brazil, +55 – 61 – 2106 3536, a.guimaraes(at)unesco.org

Demetrio Weber, Press Officer at UNESCO in Brazil, +55 – 61 – 2106 3538. D.weber(at)unesco.org

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