09.12.2013 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Por uma cultura de direitos humanos (12 volumes)


The series of brochures entitled Por uma Cultura de Direitos Humanos (For a human rights culture) presents information and thoughts about the 12 groups of human rights: the right to the highest level of health, the right to adequate food, the right to education, the right to adequate housing, the right to the participation on public issues, the right to opinion and expression, the right to liberty and safety, the right to a just judgement, the right to a life free of violence, and the right not to be submitted to cruel, inhuman and degrading punishments. These 12 rights are recognized and provided in the United Nations International Human Rights Instruments. The series has been published in Portuguese by the Secretariat of Human Rights of the Presidency of the Republic (SDH/PR) in cooperation with UNESCO in Brazil.

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