12.02.2015 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Portuguese version of "Managing disaster risks for world heritage"


Disaster risks constitute the most urgent priority that heritage managers should address today. The progressive loss of these cultural and natural properties as a result of natural disasters, civil unrest and other hazards has become a major concern, partly because of the significant role that heritage plays in contributing to social cohesion and sustainable development, particularly at times of stress. However, the number of World Heritage properties that have developed a proper disaster risk reduction plan is surprisingly low. Recognizing these challenges, this book aims to raise the awareness of World Heritage managers and administrators of the real extent of risks associated with disasters. It provides them with a sound methodology for identifying, assessing and then reducing these risks, with a view to preserving their heritage and ensuring that it contributes to the sustainable development of their communities. It is hoped that this manual, used in combination with training programmes, may help to achieve the much-needed shift in attitudes that would finally lead to the building of a true culture of prevention within the heritage community, while assisting in the urgent need to prepare World Heritage properties for future disasters.

This Resource Manual is part of the World Heritage Resource Manual Series originally published by ICCROM in collaboration with the World Heritage Centre, ICOMOS and IUCN.

The Portuguese version of this work was a priority for Lúcio Costa Centre (CLC) / IPHAN as part of the strategy for its consolidaton as a reference centre dedicated to the development of a set of training activities – research, capacity building and dissemination – in order to promote professional competence and knowledge sharing among the countries of the Southern Hemisphere and the UNESCO partners.

Gestão de riscos de desastres para o Patrimônio Mundial

Brasília: UNESCO, Centro Lúcio Costa/Iphan, 2015. 86 p. il.

ISBN: 978-85-7652-199-0

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