31.03.2016 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Portuguese version of "Managing World Cultural Heritage"


This manual provides guidance for States Parties and all those involved in the care of World Heritage cultural properties on how to comply with the requirements of the World Heritage Convention. It also aims to help States Parties to ensure that heritage has a dynamic role in society and harnesses, but also delivers to others, the mutual benefits that such a role can create. This manual is intended as a tool for capacity-building for the effective management of heritage, and for World Heritage properties in particular. It is designed to help all practitioners to strengthen the knowledge, abilities, skills and behaviour of people with direct responsibilities for heritage conservation and management; to improve institutional structures and processes through empowering decision-makers and policy-makers; and to introduce a dynamic relationship between heritage and its context that will lead to greater reciprocal benefits through an inclusive approach, such that outputs and outcomes follow on a sustainable basis.

This Resource Manual is part of the World Heritage Resource Manual Series originally published by ICCROM in collaboration with the World Heritage Centre, ICOMOS and IUCN.

The Portuguese version of this work was a priority for Lúcio Costa Centre (CLC) / IPHAN as part of the strategy for its consolidaton as a reference centre dedicated to the development of a set of training activities – research, capacity building and dissemination – in order to promote professional competence and knowledge sharing among the countries of the Southern Hemisphere and the UNESCO partners.

Gestão do Patrimônio Mundial cultural

Brasília: UNESCO, Centro Lúcio Costa/Iphan, 2016. 162p. il.

ISBN: 978-85-7652-207-2

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