01.11.2016 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Portuguese version of Media and information literacy: policy and strategy guidelines


The publication “MIL Policy and Strategy Guidelines” is part of a comprehensive MIL Toolkit being developed by UNESCO and partners. It is divided into two parts. Part 1 is the MIL Policy Brief, and is designed for policy or decision makers and can serve as a summary of the publication. Part 2 is divided into several comprehensive chapters and suggests: 1) how

to enlist MIL a development tool; 2) conceptual frameworks for MIL policies and strategies; and 3) model MIL policy and strategies that can be adapted by countries globally. This comprehensive MIL Policy and Strategy Guidelines resource is the first of its kind to treat MIL as a composite concept, unifying information literacy and media literacy as well as considering the right to freedom of expression and access to information through ICTs. These guidelines offer a harmonized approach, which in turn enables all actors to articulate more sustained national MIL policies and strategies, describing both the process and content to be considered.

Brasília: UNESCO; Rio de Janeiro: Cetic.br/Nic.br, 2016.

Editors: Alton Grizzle and Maria Carme Torras Calvo

Authors: Alton Grizzle, Penny Moore, Michael Dezuanni, Sanjay Asthana, Carolyn Wilson, Fackson Banda, and Chido Onumah

Original title: Media and information literacy: policy and strategy guidelines; policy brief

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