27.09.2016 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Portuguese version of Policy guidelines for the development and promotion of open access

Open Access is at the heart of the overall effort by UNESCO to build peace in the minds of men and women. Open Access (OA) is the provision of free access to peer-reviewed, scholarly and research information to all. It requires that the rights holder grants worldwide irrevocable right of access to copy, use, distribute, transmit, and make derivative works in any format for any lawful activities with proper attribution to the original author. Through Open Access, researchers and students from around the world gain increased access to knowledge, publications receive greater visibility and readership, and the potential impact of research is heightened. Increased access to, and sharing of knowledge leads to opportunities for equitable economic and social development, intercultural dialogue, and has the potential to spark innovation. This comprehensive document intends to be broadly useful to decision- and policy-makers at the national and international levels. However, it should be stressed that they are meant to be strictly advisory; they are not intended as a prescriptive or normative instrument. Further, it is expected that this publication will also serve as a reference point for all stakeholders to clarify basic doubts in the field of Open Access.

Author: Alma Swan

Brasília: UNESCO, 2016. 82 p. ISBN: 978-85-7652-209-6

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