28.01.2008 -

Racismo e discurso na América Latina (for sale)


The racist speech inlaid and disguised in Brazilian social practice and in other countries of the American Continent is the main theme of the book. Camouflaged by tenuous euphemisms, the term "racism" is considered inappropriate by those that try to hide it under the social inequality phenomenon. What can be observed today is that racism exists and many of its subjacent prejudices and ideologies are acquired, confirmed and exercised through speeches. In a time of discussion of integration of important parcels of population through education, it turns essential to identify the barriers that disturb this inclusion. This book is extremely opportune and important in this sense.

Author: Dijk, Teun A. van

Brasilia: UNESCO; São Paulo, Ed. Contexto, 2008. 383 p.

ISBN: 978-85-7244-367-8

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Also available for sale by Editora Contexto

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