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Registration countdown for the 10th L'Oréal/UNESCO/ABC For Women in Science Awards

Seven Brazilian researchers to be selected to receive US$20,000 awards.


Are you a scientist? Do you know anyone who is? The deadline for registrations is 31 May.

Rio de Janeiro, May 2015 - Scientists from around Brazil have until 31 May to submit their projects for the L'Oréal/UNESCO/ABC For Women in Science Awards. Researchers should register on the website specially created for the 10th anniversary of the programme: www.paramulheresnaciencia.com.br.  There they will also find information on previous winners, facts about the awards and the conditions of registration.

L'Oréal Brazil believes that science is key to solving the huge challenges of today's world and changing things for the better; so 10 years ago they signed up for this partnership with UNESCO and the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (Associação Brasileira de Ciências – ABC). Seven researchers are rewarded for the quality and potential of their projects developed in Brazilian institutions with a stipend of US$20,000 each (converted to reais). In 2014, over 300 projects were registered. The prize-winners will be announced in August and there will be an awards ceremony in October. For more details on registration, rules and conditions, go to: http://goo.gl/XlZT2v.

Awards acknowledge women and scientific research in Brazil

For a decade now the L'Oréal/UNESCO/ABC For Women in Science Awards have helped to promote the scientific advancement of women researchers in various stages of their careers. They have also advanced the gender balance in Brazilian science and encouraged access for young rising talent #mulheresnaciência.

This final registration phase of the L'Oréal/UNESCO/ABC For Women in Science Awards was launched on Twitter (https://twitter.com/mulhernaciencia) with the campaign, "An Invitation to Winners", where fellows and laureates recognized in previous editions of the National and International programmes talk about the importance of the awards and to invite new scientists to enrol and register their projects.

The first video-invitation comes from Astrophysicist, Thaisa Bergmann. She was the Latin America Representative honoured at international awards of L'Oréal/UNESCO For Women in Science this year. Thaisa is the sixth Brazilian Scientist to have received such recognition in Paris. The campaign, exploiting the inspiring messages from these women, will run until the end of May.

For the 10th anniversary of the awards in Brazil, winners from previous years will also be participating in seminars and lectures in universities and museums around the country.  The purpose of these roundtables is to discuss Science in Brazil and women’s participation in the field of science, raising the need for more research investment and the pursuit of gender balance.

Roundtable Schedule:
13 May – UFF – Niterói
Venue: Casa da Descoberta – UFF
Time: 4pm to 6pm

21 May - Goiás
Venue: Universidade Federal de Goiás
Time: 9am to 11am

29 May – RJ – Duque de Caxias
Venue: Museu Ciência e Vida – Duque de Caxias
Time: 2pm to 4pm

9 June -  Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ
Venue:  Ilha do Fundão
Time: 1pm to 4pm

24 June – Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS 
Venue: TBA
Time: 2pm to 5pm

For more stories and interesting facts, go to: www.paramulheresnaciencia.com.br

For 10 years L'Oréal/UNESCO/ABC For Women in Science has been helping to build scientific careers.
For 10 years L'Oréal has been inspiring and motivating today’s women to transform tomorrow’s world.





About For Women in Science

Launched in 1998, L'Oréal/UNESCO For Women in Science was the first awards program dedicated to women scientists around the world. Each year, five outstanding researchers, one per continent, are made laureates of the program. In 17 years, 87 scientists from different continents, including two who later became Nobel Laureates, have been awarded at ceremonies that take place in France each year in March.
With the choice of Thaisa Bergmann at this year’s awards, six Brazilians have so far had their names included in the star line up at these international science awards: Mayana Zatz (Genetics - USP) in 2001; Lucia Previato (Microbiology - UFRJ), in 2004; Belita Koiller (Physics - UFRJ), in 2005; Beatriz Barbuy (Astrophysics - USP), in 2009; and Marcia Barbosa (Physics - UFRGS) in 2013.

As well as recognizing these great world scientists, the program, in its international and regional formats, has helped more than 2,250 women from 110 different countries with their careers and important research projects. In Brazil, the L'Oréal/UNESCO/ABC For Women in Science Awards celebrates ten years in 2015 and has so far recognised 61 scientists with awards.

Press contacts for photos and more information:

Approach Comunicação Integrada – Media Relations L'Oreal Brazil
Heda Wenzel - heda.wenzel(at)approach.com.br , (21) 3461-4616 r. 114
Leonardo Aguilar - leonardo(at)approach.com.br , (21) 3461-4616 r. 143

L’Oréal Brazil
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UNESCO in Brazil
Ana Lúcia Guimarães – a.guimaraes(at)unesco.org, (61) 2106-3536
Demétrio Weber – d.weber(at)unesco.org, (61) 2106-3538

ABC - Brazilian Academy of Sciences
Clarice de Oliveira Cudischevitch - coliveira(at)abc.org.br (21) 3907-8129

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