08.03.2013 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Open registration for the Water, Communication and Society Seminar

The National Agency for Water, UNESCO Brazil and the Secretariats of Environment and Water Resources and Culture of the Government of Distrito Federal are hosting the seminar Water, Communication and Society in the International Year of Water Cooperation on March 22, World Water Day, at the National Museum, Esplanada dos Ministérios, Brasília, from 1pm to 8.30pm.

Registrations stay open until March 20 through the institutional websites of the event sponsors and hosts.

Open to all, the Seminar gathers specialists and communicators in an open space for exchanging experiences and debating. Its main goals are publicizing how water management is undertaken in Brazil, making visible the cooperation and mobilization actions towards good management and sustainable use of water and involving the society in the discussions about the growing challenges in obtaining the necessary volume and quality of water for all.

The schedule, which is available at the registration page, includes presentations about national and international good practices as well as the talk “Water as a competitive advantage in the globalized world” by journalist Dal Marcondes, Executive-Director of the Envolverde news agency, besides cultural attractions.

International Year of Water Cooperation
Water is vital for sustaining life and wellbeing as well as for social and economic development, but the planet’s sources are limited. Within all scenarios, dealing with water demands cooperation: it is only by means of cooperation that we may succeed in the future at managing our finite and feeble water sources, which are under growing pressure from the activities of a growing work population that surpasses seven billion people. That is why the General Assembly of the United Nation has appointed, last year, 2013 as the United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation and the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) as coordinator of the official activities.

World Water Day
Celebrated all over the world since 22 March 1993, the World Water Day was recommended by the UN during the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, known as Eco-92 or Rio Summit. Since then celebrations have been held yearly around a theme defined by the UN, and this year it is Water Cooperation.

The Seminar
Hosted yearly by the National Agency for Water (ANA), with the support of the National Secretariat of Urban Environment from the Ministry of the Environment, the Water, Communication and Society Seminar aims at meeting the IV.3 program of the National Plan for Water Resources, which appoints the organization of meetings at the hydrographic basins to gather communicators and the society with a goal to publicize and strengthen the National System for Water Resources Management (Singreh).

In March 2013, the special International Year of Water Cooperation celebratory edition is hosted in partnership with UNESCO Brazil and the Government of Distrito Federal, with the support of the International Network of Water Research and Transdisciplinary Actions (Reata), CEB, WWF Brazil, Água Brasil program, Correios (postal service) and the National Museum (Museu Nacional).

For more information or setting up interviews, please get in touch with the organizers’ press offices:

ANA - Cláudia Dianni and Natália Sampaio    
Phone: (61) 2109 5103, E-mail: imprensa@ana.gov.br

UNESCO Brazil - Ana Lúcia Guimarães and Isabel de Paula
Phones: (61) 2106 3536, 2106 3538, E-mail: gcomunicacao@unesco.org.br

Semarh – Raíssa Tomaz
Phone: (61) 3214 5624,  E-mail: assessoriaibram@gmail.com; ascommeioambiente@gmail.com

Date: 22 de março de 2013
Venue: Museu Nacional – Complexo da República, Esplanada dos Ministérios
Registrations: seminarioagua.ana.gov.br/2013/

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