17.03.2014 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Síntese da coleção História Geral da África


As a way to recognize the influence of African cultures, UNESCO, the Department of Continuing Education, Literacy, Diversity and Integration of the Ministry of Education (MEC /SECADI) and the Centre for African-Brazilian Studies at the Federal University of São Carlos (NEAB / UFSCAR) developed the Brazil-Africa: Crossed Histories Project, whose main goal is to give visibility and recognition of the intersection of African and Brazilian histories, transforming and enhancing positive relations between the various ethnic and racial groups that live in Brazil.

The first action developed by the Project was the translation into Portuguese of the UNESCO General History of Africa Collection. In response to the Brazilian Law No. 10.639 of 2003 that directs that school systems should include the history of African-Brazilian and African cultures in basic education, the Project initiated the production of pedagogical materials for all educational levels, being the “Síntese da coleção História Geral da África” (Summary of the GHA collection) the first product of this action.

The Summary is published in two volumes. It intends to provide subsidies to researchers and students, as well as to the pedagogical practice of basic education teachers. Its objective is to improve the quality of their knowledge in relation to the African history and culture. Volume 1 is divided in accordance to the four first volumes of the complete edition of the GHA collection, approaching the periods since Pre-history to the 16th century. Volume 2 brings the same themes of the last four volumes of the complete edition of the HGA collection, covering the African history from the 16th century to the 20th. 

Brasilia: UNESCO, MEC, UFSCar, 2014. 2v.

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