04.12.2013 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Social technologies are awarded for transforming communities

© FBBBanco do Brasil Foundation Social Technologies Award ceremony 2013

Banco do Brasil Foundation Award on Social Technologies has already invested more than R$ 3 million in its seven editions for the improvement of this kind of initiatives.

The result of efforts and dedication of various people that work to improve the life conditions of communities all over Brazil have been rewarded in the 7th edition of the Banco do Brasil Foundation Award on Social Technologies. The award ceremony took place in November 19, in Brasilia (Brazil), with the presence of more than 600 guests. The winners were chosen in accordance to the criteria of innovation, interaction with the community, social transformation power, and its potential for replicating its applicability.  All finalists received an ultrabook, a video on social technology and disseminating material. The first three places were also awarded with R$ 80 thousand, R$ 50 thousand and R$ 30 thousand, for the improvement of their initiatives. Banco do Brasil Foundation and its partners have already invested more than R$ 3 million in social technologies.

The award received 1.011 proposals from all over the country. This has resulted on the quality certification of 192 technologies that were included in the social technology data bank called “Banco de Tecnologias Sociais da Fundação Banco do Brasil”, which is an  online platform that makes available solutions developed and applied by institutions on  various social problems. Of these technological proposals, 30 of them have been classified as finalists and 15 technologies received first, second and third places in each of the five categories of the award: Traditional Communities, Family Famers and Settlers of Agrarian Reform, Youth, Women, Governmental Managers, and Educational Institutions, Universities and Research Centres.

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