08.10.2012 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

The root sailing raft / A jangada de raiz (for sale)

© UNESCO/Edson Fogaça

The sailing raft jangada, the most original traditional Brazilian vessel, became an icon along the Northeast coast. Today, its image also illustrates touristic articles and real estate advertising located in the lush beaches of the region. But little is known about the origin and the characteristics that made it so celebrated, even less is known about the universe of marine artisanal fishermen, who have been facing the sea and its adversities to ensure the livelihood of their families.This publication reveals details and features of a rare model of jangada, identified by Brazilian Vessels Project.


It also reveals the challenges and difficulties of those who still use it as the main instrument of their work: the jangada fisherman, navigator of excellence. It is through one of them that the secrets of its construction are disclosed.

Author: Edson Fogaça / Photografer: Niven Franci

Brasilia: Projeto Embarcações do Brasil, UNESCO, 2012. 112 p. illus.

ISBN: 9785-85-913623-0-1

This bilingual book is followed by a documentary DVD.

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