19.09.2012 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

UN Joint Programme Security and Citizenship celebrates the International Day of Peace

“Peace must start with the dignity of every man and woman. It must be nurtured through their rights and the fulfilment of their aspirations” Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General, in her message on the occasion of the International Day of Peace

A day to celebrate Peace and reflect about the challenges in achieving it, in an increasingly accelerated and connected world that nonetheless still witnesses daily scenes of violence, hunger and violation of rights. Next Friday, 21 September 2012, the International Day of Peace is celebrated, a day of cease-fire and non-violence, when organizations all over the world are united in humanitarian actions within several countries. It is not just a date for grand gestures in far away lands. It is a day for people, regardless of where they are, to think about peace and take action towards a world without violence.
In her message about the International Day of Peace, Irina Bokova reminds us that Peace also manifests itself in the humanist ambitions of the Millennium Development Goals and that youth is a powerful force in this quest for rights all over the world for their ability to unite and build campaigns and movements in favor of pacific changes. A pioneer in the area of citizen security in Brazil, the UN Joint Programme Security and Citizenship is focused on youth.
The Programme – sponsored by the UN Millennium Development Goals Fund  – has the main goal of preventing violence by creating safer and healthier environments for girls and boys aged 10 to 24. Actions were initiated in 2011 and will be carried out until 2012 in three municipalities in Brazil:  Contagem (MG), Lauro de Freitas (BA) and Vitória (ES).
The Joint Programme employs a multidisciplinary approach for the prevention of violence, developing activities that stimulate the promotion of a peaceful coexistence (that is, with respect to norms and the strengthening of citizenship values);  the reduction of risk factors related to violence (drugs and weapons, for example); the promotion of pacific conflict resolution and the access to justice.
The history of past activities, information about the concept of citizen security, as well as about the participant territories, and reference documents are all available at  website, which will be launched on the 21 September 2012 as part of the celebrations for the Internacional Day of Peace.

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