22.12.2010 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

UNESCO and ABC sign an executive document to the South-South cooperation

The Director of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ABC), Marco Farani, and UNESCO Representative in Brazil, Vincent Defourny have signed on 17 December, in Brasilia, the executive document that sets out the guidelines to new South-South cooperation projects, between the Organization and the Agency.

The document was signed in the week when the UN Day for South-South Cooperation (19 December). By occasion of the International Day, the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, stated that “South-South cooperation is a key element of the measures adopted worldwide to cope with the humanity’s problems”. The developing countries that share knowledge, exchange ideas and coordinate programs are capable of reaching better results than those working in an isolate way.

The project “Jovens Lideranças para a multiplicação de boas práticas socioeducativas” was also signed during the same solemnity, which as attended by UNESCO Deputy Representative in Brazil, Lucien Muñoz. This initiative is a partnership between UNESCO and the Elos Institution (Executing Institution), the Gol de Letra Foundation, the Secretariat of Continuous Education, Literacy and Diversity of the Ministry of Education (SECAD/MEC) and the ABC.

The project aims at strengthening local leaderships, developing communities, and promoting integral education or children and youth in the community of the Sao Paulo District, in the City of Bissau (Guinea Bissau). The South-South cooperation project provides for building an educational center; transferring the socio-educational practices developed by the Gol de Letra Foundation (FGL) and the Open School Program, developed by the MEC/SECAD and UNESCO.

Within the project scope, the contest “A School for Guinea Bissau" was launched to select the best preliminary essay on the architecture to a school with an estimated area of 350 m2, to be built through a collective effort in the community benefiting from the program. The contest results from the Technical Cooperation Intentions Protocol celebrated by the Brazilian Architects Institute (IAB) and the ABC. The Cooperation aims at implementing technical cooperation programs, projects and activities to benefit the developing countries.

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