20.11.2013 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

UNESCO and MEC launch the Project for elaboration of the 9th volume of the General History of Africa Collection

The launching takes place during the event dedicated to strengthen the Brazil-Africa relations.

The project for elaboration of the 9th volume of the UNESCO General History of Africa Collection (GHA) – an initiative to tell the History of the continent from the perspective of mostly African specialists – will be launched in the event Meeting Africa and the African Diaspora (Encontro África e a Diáspora Africana – EADA 2013)taken place in Costa do Sauípe, Bahia (Brazil), from 21-23 November, 2013.

The event is coordinated by the Frente Parlamentar de Igualdade Racial e Quilombolas (Parliamentary Front of Racial Equality and Quilombolas) at the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil in partnership with other institutions. “It is an honour for us, considering the importance of this collection to the cultural identity of the African continent and of ourselves, Brazilians, who have a culture that cannot deny its African roots,” celebrates Silvana Saraiva, one of the organizers of the Meeting. The objective of the event is to strengthen the relations between Brazil and Africa in various sectors.

The complete version of General History of Africa Collection, which is also available in Portuguese, has already been published in English, French and Arab, among others. Its abridged version has been published in English, French and in some African languages, including hausa, peul and swahili.
This Project is considered one of the most important UNESCO publishing projects of the last 30 years. The GHA collection represents a great milestone in the recognition process of Africa’s cultural heritage. It allows the understanding of historical development of Africans and their relations with other civilizations with a broad, diachronic and objective perspective obtained by its own continent. 

Starting in 1964, from a request from the recently independent African States, the Project of the General History of Africa Collection aimed at questioning the European perspective of the African continent that dominated the school books until that moment. It also aimed at writing a History free of prejudice inherited by the colonial era.  Many aspects have already been approached since the publishing of the first volume in 1980.

The Collection was produced by more than 350 specialists of various areas of knowledge under the Coordination of the International Scientific Committee composed of 39 intellectuals of which two-thirds of are Africans.

The eight volumes of the collection in Portuguese are available for free download.

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