24.08.2012 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

UNESCO and SERPRO will sign partnership to offer online course about HIV/Aids prevention and Youth

© UNESCO/ Isabel de Paula

UNESCO and SERPRO signed a partnership agreement today (27 August) to implement the online course entitled Youth, Sexuality and STD/Aids Prevention. The signatories of the partnership agreement are the UNESCO Brasilia Office Director, Lucien Muñoz and SERPRO Administrative Director, João Nocchi Parera.

The course aims at strengthening the development of competencies of educators and health professionals working with young adults and teenagers. The main focus of the course is the promotion of health and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and Aids in the context of the sexual and reproductive rights. It is especially aimed at teachers of the final grades of Primary Education as well as high school teachers and health sector professionals working with young adults and teenagers, mainly in basic health care.


The conception and project of the Youth, Sexualities and Prevention of STD/Aids distance course was elaborated and sponsored by UNESCO. SERPRO will be in charge of technology and course development.

The partnership for the production of the course seeks to contribute with an amplified access to training in Sexual Education among educators and health professionals, fulfilling an existent gap in Brazil, given its dimensions and specificities. It is also a contribution towards implementing public policies in Education and Health for the young population within the territories of shared responsibility. It also seeks to raise Human Rights awareness in schools as a way of diminishing vulnerability to violence in its different facets.

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