11.11.2014 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

UNESCO Chair in Open Education


11 November 2014

Responsible Institution:

University of Campinas (UNICAMP)


Coordinator: Tel Amiel
Universidade de Campinas
Núcleo de Informática Aplicada a Educação (NIED)
Cidade Universitária Zeferino Vaz
Caixa postal 6194
Campinas, SP - Brazil
CEP: 13083-970
Phone: (19) 3521-7000
E-mail: tamiel(at)unicamp.br
Website: http://educacaoaberta.org/sobre

Working Themes:

Open Education, Information and Communication Technology, ICT in Education
UNITWIN Network Website: more information on UNESCO Chairs


  • To develop and to implement activities that can understand how public basic education practices and spaces, as well as non-formal learning environments, can implement the use and production of Open Educational Resources (OER).
  • To foster the adoption and dissemination of open access policies and open licensing in order to promote the creation and dissemination of digital resources that can be used in educational environments, among others.

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