03.07.2013 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

University of Brasilia discusses the Future of the Past


They come from different areas of knowledge, from Political Sciences to Performing Arts, but they all have a common interest for Classic Culture – the culture that comes from the ancient Greeks and Romans. From July 8 to 12, Brasilia will gather around 500 researchers from Brazil and Portugal, as well as guests from more than 10 different countries to discuss The Future of the Past, the theme of the 19th Congress of the Brazilian Society of Classic Studies (Sociedade Brasileira de Estudos Clássicos – SBEC).

The agenda of the event includes a festival of Ancient Drama and speeches of Luis Fernando Verissimo, a renowned Brazilian contemporary writer, and Celso Lafer, ex-minister of External Relations. “Our objective is to show that Classic Culture involves various areas. It reaches a very broad public interested in the origins of our culture”, explains Gabriele Cornelli, professor of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Brasilia (UnB) and president of SBEC.

During a week, the campus of UnB and the National Museum of the Republic (Brasilia) will show how Classic Culture influences Performing Arts, Dance, Literature, Music, Philosophy, History, Law, and Political Sciences among others until today.

The event aims at consolidating the tradition of studies on Portuguese language of the origins of Classic Culture. It will organize an exhibition of 20 original archaeological works of the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro. The exhibition will be followed by a broad educational work to approximate and contextualize the proposal of the exhibition to contemporary thoughts and projects, which will also include a publication for children and adolescents, an educational visit of the exhibition and five conference presentations on the theme for the adult public. The exhibition will show, in an original way, the works of the two National Museums of Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. The event will be promoted by SBEC and UNESCO Chair Archai of University of Brasilia, that will foster the exchange of experiences between the best cultural and scientific production agencies on the theme.

In addition, the Congress includes a mini course on how digital publications can impact in researches made with texts of historic languages, in teaching, and in professional careers in various disciplines linked to Classic Studies. Besides, there will also have the launching of two volumes of the collection, in Portuguese, entitled “Coleção filosofia e tradição”. There will also be mini courses and presentations of professors from the Universities of Madrid, Coimbra, Los Angeles, and Chicago. (Source: Coordination of the Congress).

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