29.11.2012 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Violence in schools reproduces violence in society

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In Brasília, two cases of aggression had called the attention of the country. In a university of the capital, a professor ended up in the hospital after being attacked by a student. In a public basic education school, a pupil was stabbed by a colleague and died. “Violence in schools reproduces violence in society. It is not an isolated phenomenon inside school”, affirms the coordinator of Social and Human Sciences at UNESCO Brasilia Office, Marlova Noleto.

According to her, school environments are no longer protected places and many parents have lost their tranquillity when leaving their children at school. She highlights that the absence of clear rules of sociability between students and professors contributes to the increase of violence. For Professor Célio da Cunha, from the Education College of University of Brasilia, society is facing a deep crisis of human values. “Violence in school comes from the Middle  Age. It is inconceivable to find it being practiced in the 21st century. The schools need to reflect a culture of respect among all, from the school servants until the school principal”, he says. The Professor defends that it is necessary to retrieve the human dimension of Education that has been transformed into a business. (Source: Globo News).

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