18.10.2012 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

World Programme for Human Rights Education is launched in Portuguese

UNESCO, with the support of the Ministry of Education (MEC) and the Secretariat of Human Rights (SDH) of the Presidency of the Republic, has made an electronic version of the World Programme for Human Rights Education (WPRHE) available in Portuguese.

The World Programme, authored by UNESCO and the UN High Commissoner for Human Rights, aims at presenting public managers and human rights militants with subsidies and orientations for the elaboration of educational programmes based on respect to human rights.

The WPHRE comprises two phases within an Action Plan, so called as to more clearly string together and articulate governmental and non-governmental efforts surrounding a culture of promotion and safeguarding of human rights.  The so called “First Phase” of the World Programme (2005-2009) gathers recommendations, references and concrete goals directed towards primary and secondary education. The “Second Phase” of the World Programme (2010-2014), as it were, prioritizes higher learning and training on human rights for teachers, civil servants, security forces, police agents and the military.  

Despite the fact that Brazil has already adopted several recommendations of the Action Plan issued by the World Programme for Human Rights Education (WPHRE) – and that includes implementing innovative practices that go beyond the commitments made by the countries that adopted the Action Plan during the UN General Assembly in July 2005 – both WPHRE phases still count as important references for educators and professionals involved with Human Rights Education, and are given a more up-to-date outline with the homologation by MEC of the National Guidelines for Human Rights Education in May this year.

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