13.02.2019 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

World Radio Day is celebrated with the participation of web users from everywhere in the country

Audio messages about Dialogue, Tolerance, and Peace – the global theme for this year’s World Day – sent by web followers of the UNESCO in Brazil are published and available on its social media channels to radio stations.

On the 13 February, the World Radio Day, UNESCO in Brazil announces the six selected audio messages sent by web users and radio listeners, who have answered to the following question: “What is the radio message of dialogue, tolerance and peace that you would send to the world?”

This social media campaign has received audio messages lasting up to 30 seconds from various parts of Brazil. The selected messages were from: Arquimedes Onofrio Pereira (Campina Grande – PB), Deise Fanfa (Passo Fundo - RS), João Batista Motta (Tiangua – CE), Raquel Valéria Fernandes (Belo Horizonte – MG), Marcelo Sá (Orós – CE), and Simone Fagundes (Porto Alegre – RS). 

The audio messages were posted on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The radio stations can request the messages through email (gcomunicacao(at)unesco.org.br) to broadcast them. By participating in the campaign, the owners of the audio messages have granted to UNESCO their permission rights for non-commercial institutional use. 

On this occasion, a tribute was paid to the journalist Ricardo Boechat, who was prominent on radio broadcasting in the country. Boechat made radio his vocation and was a professional extremely committed to the ideals of freedom of the press and expression, important themes of UNESCO's mandate. The journalist died on Monday (11 February 2019).

Also celebrating this year’s theme – Dialogue, Tolerance, and Peace – UNESCO in Brazil launches the publication Escrever a Paz, a Portuguese version of Writing Peace, which presents various words, specially the word ‘Peace’ in over 20 writing systems. The author of the publication has been inspired by the exhibition “Writing Peace”, which was inaugurated on the International Peace Day at UN Headquarters (New York) on 21 September, 2012. Once writing is one of the dialogue tools that can be important allies on the attainment of Peace, the publication intends to provide a journey through the alphabets of different cultures.

About the World Radio Day

The date is an opportunity to celebrate this efficient and unique media to broaden the international cooperation among radio broadcasters, and yet to encourage the radio networks and community radio stations to promote the access to information and the freedom of expression through audio waves.

This is the seventh edition of this celebration. The Day was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 2013 to remind everyone of the importance of this means of communication that can foster dialogue and promote positive changes in the whole world. 

To celebrate this date, UNESCO Headquarters has also put on the air a hot site with interactivity, agenda of events and information about the Day, whose theme this year is ‘dialogue, tolerance and peace’. This hot site is available at https://worldradioday.org.

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Media Contacts:

UNESCO in Brazil

Ana Lúcia Guimarães, a.guimaraes(at)unesco.org, (61)2106-3536 ou (61)99966-3287

Fabiana Pullen, f.sousa(at)uensco.org, (61)2106-3596 ou (61)99848-8971

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