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UNESCO believes that the access to information and the comprehension of facts are fundamental for social transformations to happen. It is not enough to act, but also to show how the action happened and what its consequences were. The broad dissemination of studies and documents has always been considered fundamental to the Organization as a way to act and to position itself in its work in favour of peace among populations of the world.

Objective and transparent information dissemination of UNESCO actions in Brazil constitute the main ax of work developed by Communication Unit in the office. The Unit's strategy is simple: to disseminate the actions in the most detailed way as possible in order to reach the involved actors and decision makers. It also intends to answer to all media professionals the most promptly as possible.

Know more about UNESCO actions in Brazil through detailed dissemination of information: news, press releases, interviews, articles, and newsletter, as well as public manifestations of UNESCO Brasilia Office director.

Media Advisory Contacts in Brazil

    • Fabiana Pullen Sousa
    • Journalist
    • Unit of Communications, Public Information and Publications
    • 9B) Ana Lúcia Guimarães Bulhões Pedreira
    • Coordinator
    • Communication, Public Information and Publications Unit

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